About Us

Africa New Music (ANM) is a non-profit organization created in July 1993. Its board of directors is composed of volunteer members of the Francophone community in Toronto. It has been established to operate a center of production and dissemination of the song, music and other arts serving the Francophone and Francophile community in the region. Its main function is to highlight the richness of African culture.

Africa New Music’s mission is to broadcast the shows produced by regional artists and also to be a foster home for artists and francophone artistic companies in the rest of Ontario, Canada and international French-speaking world. ANM is the springboard of the artists of the French-speaking minorities that practice the music and the other arts of the scene.

Our goal is to reach the ethno cultural and racial minority in performances and creations that join them, and for any age group, and also to increase the accessibility of the Francophone and Francophile community to a cultural life in French. The objective is to develop the access to music and song to the French-speaking public of the region, through activities that become little to few the symbols of cultural and artistic life of the community.